Cyanogenmod on the HTC Desire

Lately I was fed up with the firmware situation of my HTC Desire, which was somehow stuck at Android 2.2.  HTC has merely released a developer-only release of Android 2.3, which has the following disadvantages:

  • Stuck at Android version 2.3.3
  • Has security vulnerabilities
  • Will never see an update any more
  • Crashes sometimes immediately after taking a photo

Now, enter Cyanogenmod. Since its 7.1 release my device was among the officially supported, so I decided to give it a try.

The installation went smooth using the detailed instructions on the Cyanogenmod wiki.

To root the device, the popular unrevoked method did not work since it assumes you have a Froyo-based firmware.

I had the Gingerbread-based one so I had to use Revolutionary. Hint: After rooting your device with Revolutionary, follow the wiki from the section ClockworkMod Recovery process.

After all was up and running, I spent some time finding widgets as substitute for HTC Sense. As it came out I only needed Simple Calendar Widget, the stock Gingerbread-weather widget provided to be good enough.

Eventually I can say that I do not look back, and that I am happy to have prolonged the live of my not so ancient HTC Desire (18 month old), and breathed some fresh air into it’s soul by using Cyanogenmod.

And it is good to know that I will continue receiving updates for some time.

HTC, it was a really nice time with your firmware, but since you decided to provide no more firmware-updates for one of your most successful devices, I chose to defect. And, as said, I do not look back and recommend it to everyone in my situation. Cyanogenmod is truly a nice, polished, fast and beautiful experience.

We have a Samsung Galaxy S at home as well, and it received the Cyanogenmod-love as well, as early as yesterday. On a side note, that has really blown oyxgen into the Galaxy S, especially since the Samsung-RFS-fuckup became history through the flashing.

I think, a must-have criteria for buying devices in the future will be that they are able to run Cyanogenmod.

iPhone Jailbreaking now considered “a right” of the device owner

Arstechnica writes: Apple loses big in DRM ruling: jailbreaks are “fair use”

Really a pity it needed to come that far. Especially since the real issue seems to be that people are fed up with Apple dictating which software they can load on their phone, and which not.

This could have been easily solved another way. The Android way, if you like. All without rooting/jailbreaking. It goes like this:

Add a checkbox “Allow manual software installation” to the phone settings. If you like, even with the usual 20 page long “iAgree song”. Once the user has clicked it, let him/her install any app he/she downloaded, either through iTunes or more easily, by just copying it to the phones storage.

And boy, no you can’t patent that one.

And btw: Nokia has since ever allowed manual software installation. They went opposite way since their Ovi-Store only appeared afterwards. And when installing manually, they also have a checkbox à la “Allow installation of unsigned packages”